Monday, November 21, 2011

New pages

I've been working on finishing some pages I'd started earlier this year. Here are a couple without any journaling, but somewhat completed none the less. The first is a girl I drew on a newspaper menu from our local pizza parlor that I doodled one night while waiting for pizza. She turned out much more exotic than I thought she would but I like how she turned out, and I like that she is different from most of my other girls. Maybe it's the lushous lips. The ink under her left eye also ran when I varnished her but I left it cuz it made her seem more mysterious.

This next one is one side of a journal spread. She is a spiritual wise woman. I'm not sure what she might have to say yet.

I've got lots of ideas brewing in my head right now. I hope to have some time to get them out this week, or at least start on some new projects. Christmas is right around the corner now, I usually try to make most of my gifts. Not sure what to do this year. More soon!

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  1. I love the way the first girl is looking at you - these are gorgeous!!