Saturday, February 8, 2014


For Christmas I received an online painting class by Juliette Crane called Serendipity. It runs through Sept. 2014 so you'll likely be seeing lots of my work from this class. I'm really enjoying learning about another artist's process. It's not at all how I've approached starting a piece when I've sat down to create something. It's teaching me a lot, and I like that. Here is the first month's project.
I really like how she turned out. She's hanging in my new studio. 

Here are two works in progress. I think they still need a little something.

And yesterday I did one in my art journal. I call it, "I have something to say to you".

I'm kind of snowed in here this weekend so I"ll probably get around to doing something creative tomorrow too, I hope!

Monday, February 3, 2014

January Documented Life Project pages

I've just completed the first month of The Documented Life Project. I've really enjoyed it. The people involved are really supportive and enthusiastic. Here are some of the pages I've made.

Week 2 challenge: Selfie. I had this from one of my bigger journals, I photographed it and added the finishing touches.

Week 3: use an envelope. You might not be able to tell but the brown part is an envelope.

Week 4: Write a secret message and then paint over it and highlight one word. 

Week 5: Make a page with a doodle border. It's mostly just collage with some doodling.

Week 6: Find an artist that inspires you and make a page. I chose Jane LaFazio. This is my collaged version of her style.

My favorite thing about this project is that it's with me at work all day and I've enjoyed having all these creative pages joining me there. My planner is going to get fat pretty quick!