Thursday, November 24, 2011

Here are a couple pages from my 5"x8" Moleskin journal. It has thicker pages for painting, which I really like. It also has the least amount of entries in it. I guess I tend to save it for drawing/painting vs. collage so it's not as convenient to do a quick page.

You can't read this one too well, but it says that I've noticed that my girl's eyes are too rounded on the bottom. Once you see these things, it's hard not to see them. It's good though to be able to look at your stuff and see where you can improve.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had a blessed day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

New pages

I've been working on finishing some pages I'd started earlier this year. Here are a couple without any journaling, but somewhat completed none the less. The first is a girl I drew on a newspaper menu from our local pizza parlor that I doodled one night while waiting for pizza. She turned out much more exotic than I thought she would but I like how she turned out, and I like that she is different from most of my other girls. Maybe it's the lushous lips. The ink under her left eye also ran when I varnished her but I left it cuz it made her seem more mysterious.

This next one is one side of a journal spread. She is a spiritual wise woman. I'm not sure what she might have to say yet.

I've got lots of ideas brewing in my head right now. I hope to have some time to get them out this week, or at least start on some new projects. Christmas is right around the corner now, I usually try to make most of my gifts. Not sure what to do this year. More soon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Journalfest part 2

Alrighty, here is some more about Journalfest. Day 2 of Journalfest I took a class from Orly Avineri called Text and Texture. We got to play with lots of different media; paper, ink, paint, modeling paste, and pens. Here are the two spreads I did.
This one has to do with using other languages to convey meaning. On the left is several words in hebrew, and on the right is a mayan glyph. You can't see all the layers in the photos but there is a lot of texture in this spread.

In this spread we looked for symbols in our handprint that could make up letters in our own personal alphabet. On the right we were just to make up an alphabet. It was fun to just quickly let whatever come out onto the paper. I think it does look like an actual language.

Here are some of the great people I met. We had lots of fun at meals and in the evenings journaling together.
Valerie, Colleen, Corry, me, and Lori