Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Documented Life Project

I'm participating in a year long challenge called The Documented Life Project. The link will take you to the face book page. A very supportive and excited group. Every week you have a challenge (prompt) to add to your journal. Most people are using a Moleskine Day Planner that they are adding pages to for their challenges. I had already made my Day Planner so I'm adding to that. The first challenge was to photograph, sketch, paint or somehow incorporate your front door. Here is my completed page:

I photographed my door and then painted the door red, cuz I like red doors and mine is white. So maybe I'll actually paint it red this year, who knows? I then used a permanent pen and drew around the door, etc. to make it look more sketched. You'll likely see many of my weekly challenges here mixed in with whatever else I've been doing.

Here is a painting I made for one of my sisters for Christmas.

I'm working on a travel journal that I'm going to gift a friend. Should be done in a couple days. Check back!

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