Saturday, December 14, 2013

2014 Day Planner

In 2013 I decided to try and find ways to make my everyday life more creative, colorful and fun. So I made my own Day Planner out of a small Smash Book. If held about six months and the size worked out well but I wanted to have more say in what papers I used, etc. So for my Birthday I got a Cinch binder system so I could make my own spiral bound day planners. The video below is the outcome of doing it all from scratch. I chose to have only six months at a time to keep the size manageable. I carry my Day Planner with me in my purse and I use it for scheduling and for all my to do lists at my job. Having my creative Day Planner makes writting in it more fun and adds cheer to my day. Hope you enjoy! Also, if you want to check out The Documented Life Project on Facebook I'm going to be participating in that group. Sounds like fun!

2014 Day Planner (video link)

I'd love to hear how you add creativity into your everyday 'to do's'.

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