Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art journal covers and Mermaids

I've decided to decorate two of my Art Journals. I have three going right now. It took me a while to get the pink one right. I had to cover up two other ideas that didn't work out. But I'm happy with them now. It's a little more exciting than plain black if I do say so myself.

Natalie has been doing the Suzi Blu Mermaid class with me. These are our first Mermaids.

Mine is the blond and Natalie's is the brown haired mermaid. I love how her background turned out. Not bad for 11 yrs old!

I have a couple other girls I'm working on but they are birthday gifts for my sisters and I'll have to wait to post the until after I gift them. Have you been creative lately? What are you working on?

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